Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best time for a beach or outdoor portrait?


The natural lighting is at its best for outdoor shooting in the early morning or late afternoon. For sunset sessions, we usually begin around an hour before sunset to make the most of the gorgeous, soft dusk and dramatic Florida sunsets. As professionals, we adapt to the lighting conditions, using a combination of natural light and flash to create your heirloom images.


What should we wear?


If you are being photographed in a group, make sure the clothes you wear compliment each other.

Families don't need to be dressed identically, but the clothing colors should have the same tones to them - either all dark or all light. Solid colors are best - prints can be distracting.

Please don't wear a short skirt as it limits our posing choices.


Can We Bring our pet to the session?


Yes! Pets are part of the family too! It is a good idea to bring a friend who will not be photographed to "pet-sit" throughout the session when your furry friend needs a break so we can concentrate on getting the best pictures of all of you.


I'm pregnant and would like to schedule a maternity session. What is the best stage of my pregnancy to do this?


Usually around 6 weeks before your due date. Don't leave it any later in case your bundle of joy comes early! Sessions usually take an hour to an hour and a half, using a variety of props, poses and clothing in our relaxed and private studio environment or on location.


It's best to schedule a newborn appointment with us before the baby is born. Sessions are best carried out before the baby is 2 weeks old.


We offer a specially priced maternity and newborn program to document your child's growth throughout the first year or so of life. Please call or email for more details! We at Avant-Garde Images LOVE maternity and newborn sessions. It's a wonderful way to meet new lifelong clients!


Please feel free to call or email us directly with any further questions you may have. We would be delighted to help you!

(239) 263- 7001

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